Online Statement Management System

Online Statement Builder creates repositories for client demographic data, financial data and for individual transaction data.
All repositories are uniquely linked and indexed for each of the clients individual customers, to allow for quick and easy data retrieval.

The Online Statement Builder provides the means to reproduce stored statements/invoices remittance and similar documents. These can be viewed, printed or electronically transmitted as required by the client to their individual customers.

Additional software can on request be supplied and installed, which can electronically mail/fax selected or all documents during the load process. This can alleviate the need to print these documents entirely.

The Online Statement Builder is suited for managing any volume of statements and can be utilised in stand-alone mode. The product is suitable for use in all sizes of companies, branches or departments.

The Online Statement Query Tool provides the mechanism to retrieve and view all data stored in the statement repositories.
Easy to use front-end screens are supplied for retrieving and viewing exact images of distributed statements.
Customers accounts can be directly recalled by using any pre defined key. Keys can be constructed from single fields or a combination of fields.
Statement data can be UNIQUELY DISPLAYED by listing multiple months' key fields on a single screen. A full year's collection of predefined fields such as balances, credit limits, purchases, returns and related data split by billing month can be viewed at once. This provides a full overview of the account at a glance and is ideal for resolving customer queries especially where transactions may have been updated in a billing period other than the one in which the customer may have expected it.
Once the account overview screen has been returned a drill down transaction look up can be invoked.
Documents are reproduced exactly as sent to the clients customers.
The repositories can be easily accessed utilising numerous industry packaged PC based applications and programming tools including the Internet. Data stored using this facility can be interrogated for statistical, trend analysis or general management purposes.

Use of the Online Statement Builder and the Online Statement Query products can reduce the existing costs of traditional statement production and storage requirements. This is achieved through the use of low cost storage technology providing instant access to computer generated statements. Personnel, storage, equipment maintenance and operating costs can be substantially reduced. Far greater productivity levels can be attained and superior customer service provided.

The production of masses of paper or microfilm copies can be completely eliminated without sacrificing any of the detail. These statements can be available for viewing via a workstation screen much sooner than if they are produced through a printing process.