Online Report Management System

The Online Report Builder's primary function is to construct repositories of large volume computer generated reporting data on low cost disc media for retrieval through the Online Report Query and Distribution Tool.

The Online Report Builder will locate pre-defined files, prepare them for loading into databases and create the required indexes to provide easy navigation for directly accessing the required component of any report.

The Online Report Builder will strip unwanted data or transmission characters, it will accept any incoming record length and will write the data forward with a predetermined record length.

Incoming reports can be bundled together or processed separately. The Online Report Builder will separate all reports as defined in the parameter set-up and will dynamically prepare the data to appear on user defined menu's for later viewing and retrieval.

Reports can have many different index types which can be used for getting directly to the data required. Many smaller reports can be defined without indexes and can simply be browsed from beginning to end. Indexes can be defined within fixed positions within the report headings or every line of the report can be searched for key fields.
Indexes are defined uniquely for each report and can consist of a single key field or can be constructed based on a variation of multiple key components.

The Online Report Builder has been designed and structured to be extremely efficient when handling high volumes of data. It has a proven track record when processing from the smallest of reports to exceptionally large reports.

The repositories built can be easily accessed utilising numerous industry packaged PC based applications and programming tools. Data stored using this facility can be interrogated for any alternate purpose once the report builder has completed its task.

A full turnaround service can be undertaken where data can be provided to Online Optical, after which all reports will be prepared, indexed, cut onto CD/DVD ROM disks and returned to your site where they will be integrated into existing report collections.

The Online Report Query Tool provides the mechanism to retrieve and view all reports stored in the already built repositories.
Easy to use, front-end screens make retrieving your reports a simple process.
Reports can be directly recalled by selecting a predefined category. Once this is done a dynamic menu, based on user driven security profiles, is built, which will automatically provide a visual list of sub categories containing the desired reports.

Numerous tools are provided to easily navigate through the reports allowing the required data to be located and displayed instantaneously.

There is no need to browse through hundreds of pages to find the data required. A powerful search engine is provided to search all reports.
Frequently used search criteria can be pre defined and will automatically appear on the search menu.

Additional functionality is provided which allows the content of reports to be automatically formatted and loaded into a text editor. This provides cut, copy and paste features to most commercial packages

Use of the Online Report Builder and the Online Report Query products can reduce the existing costs of traditional reporting production and storage requirements. This is achieved through the use of low cost storage technology providing instant access to computer generated reports. Personnel, storage, equipment maintenance and operating costs can be substantially reduced. Far greater productivity levels can be attained and superior customer service provided.

The production of masses of paper can be completely eliminated without sacrificing any of the detail. These reports can be available for viewing via a workstation screen much sooner than if they are produced through a printing process.