Online Form Processing

Online Form Processing provides the mechanism to scan important documents using advanced optical character recognition (OCR), store them in indexed repositories using multiple indexes so that they can be easily retrieved, viewed and reproduced.

The documentation can be retrieved at any linked terminal for reference or distribution via print, facimile or email and if required through Internet interfaces supplied by Online Optical Solutions.
Easy to use front-end screens are the tools for retrieving your scanned documents. Documents can be directly recalled by using any pre defined index key or recognised characters. Indexes/Keys can be constructed from single fields or a combination of fields.

Online Form Processing interprets any type of form many times faster and up to 20 times more accurately than any professional operator. This efficiently helps you to collect data from paper forms or electronically collected forms. OFP interprets hand print, machine print, check boxes and barcodes from paper forms gathered from fax machines and scanners.

Online Form Processing highlights the indistinct and invalid symbols for quick operator attention. Because OFP processes all the information, entry operators spend just seconds verifying indefinitely recognised symbols rather than minutes manually keying in entire forms.
In addition, OFP can automatically check the recognised data for validity against databases, dictionaries, specific formatting, custom rules etc.

Ultimately the data produced by OFP looks exactly like the data you get from your current manual system, but you get it faster, and it is more accurate. Your business process is fast, accurate and effective. Processing of all kinds of forms can be reliably achieved.
OFP does not necessarily have to be used for data collection. It provides an efficient cost-effective method of storing forms, eliminating the need to store masses of paper documents.